Service Success!

Finally. So, Senator Cornyn was successfully served yesterday, and his lawyer was in touch with my lawyer today, seeking a “prompt dismissal” of the case against the Senator from Texas. So, that’s something!

lawyer on lawyer action pictured above

Obviously, since I’m already unblocked, that has taken a little wind out of my legal sails, but there’s nothing yet preventing the Senator from reblocking me, again, based on viewpoint discrimination, so hopefully, we’ll come to an agreement about that. I would also like to make it harder (or impossible!) for the Senator to block other constituents from his public forum.

It’s still ridiculous that it took a $1400 lawsuit just to get him to hit the unblock button (without even notifying me that I was unblocked, leaving this fact to be discovered by me, via a news reporter’s work), so I’m still a little salty about that.

If you’d like to help defray that cost in the name of democracy and First Amendment rights, feel free to bury that impulse deep down and instead donate to the Central Texas Food Bank or Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas. If, somehow, you still have some spare change left over, you can help me out in particular by donating to my GoFundMe. In any case, thanks for reading this far!