Just a quick update — I’m still able to interact with my Senator over Twitter.

The most inexplicable component of this case is that despite a month’s worth of phone calls, emails, faxes, letters, and retweets, all of which went ignored, why the sudden unblocking? According to the Statesman’s story, they were able to get a hold of him and ask him that, and his office says I was blocked “unintentionally.” Were all my other communications ignored unintentionally, too?

Block me, or don’t, but at least have the courage of your convictions when you do take a position on First Amendment rights of your constituents.

By the way, the case is still going forward, because there’s still the question of if the Senator can, in fact, choose to block me or other people (and thus, abridge our rights to petition our government officials). Check out my GoFundMe (remember to click the “read more” link near the bottom to get the whole story).